Day 14 & 15 Is it over? Or is it just getting started?

      Yesterday was too frantic to write in this journal. I woke up to an article from a friend that 5G broadband is really the culprit for all this because 5G is weakening people's immune system and that the Coronavirus is a bioweapon etc.. I don't even know what all it said as I write this the day after, but whatever it said it got me all riled up. Being riled up is not a necessarily bad thing. I'm grateful my friend sent me the article because it resounded as being true to me.        The world I've lived in my entire 43 years of life has been an anomaly. Never in recorded history have people this extravagantly. Kings and queens may have lived lives of decadence, but not on the scale that the masses live these days. It's mostly because of petroleum that people can live this way and petroleum is a limited resource and therefore this life I've known will come to an end sometime. I don't necessarily wish for it to end, but it only makes sense that it will en

Day 13: Paying Bills During a Global Pandemic

      Today was March 23, 2020. I pay my bills on the 23rd and the 7th of each month. I was able to get a hold of Wells Fargo about my car loan. Actually, I sent them an email last Friday (3 days ago) and they finally gave me a call this afternoon. They allowed me to defer my car loan until June 23rd, but there will be interest involved. Whatever, I'll figure that out later, I guess.       I wasn't able to get a hold of one of my loan companies called Lending Tree. Their numbers have been disconnected. I need to ask them if I can defer as well. I wonder if they went out of business or something because they usually send me all kinds of emails, but I have not heard from them in weeks. That would be nice if they just disappeared and I do not have to pay them back my loan!      I was trying to order these good looking masks when I received a message that my credit card had been declined! Then I received a text message from my bank asking if it was fraudulent activity? I was not s

Day 12: Calm Before the Storm?

      Today was a calm day. I am skeptical that this might be the calm before the storm of the century, but today was calm. If I had to say I am stressed out by anything, it would be the fact that I'm trying to get prepared for any scenarios I imagine coming ahead. Here are some things that occupy my brain power right now: 1 Staying healthy: How do I avoid getting/spreading the Coronavirus and what should I stock up on in case I do get it? Right now I'm washing my hands a lot, using hand sanitizer on things coming into my apartment (including myself when I go out). I made some sanitizer spray out of whiskey and apple cider vinegar to spray on my clothes when I come home from a store or any place I may have possibly been exposed to the coronavirus. I take colloidal silver, Chaga mushrooms, vitamin C, vitamin D, a multivitamin, elderberry syrup as needed, 2 Finances: I have very little money in savings. I have very little money coming in. Do I use my cash or use my credit c

Day 11: Angsty Podcast

Image      I spent all morning trying to upload episode 1 to all the various places. I wasn't even able to get the video onto Instagram, so I had to re-shoot it with my cell phone as my laptop played it. Super ghetto, but at least the sound transferred to full quality with the use of the of anew piece of gear that I bought. I had to learn how to use the new piece of gear, too. It was a frustrating morning.      "Is this really worth all this trouble?" I asked myself. "Am I just wasting my time creating schlock content to put up on the internet?".       As a self employed musician, I have to do so many different jobs by myself. I wish I had help. It's tough hiring someone to help me during normal times, but right now it's even harder as I have even less money coming in. I can manage though. I am just going through a re-organzing stage. Soon I'll have a system in place and running smoothly.        I went and did my workout r

Day 10: Epsidoe 1 of my Podcast

         Today I finally got myself together and made a video of me playing music. I've been in a stupor all week trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to pull this off. I usually play 3 to 4 gigs a week, so I figured I'd do the same with these videos. It'll be just like playing my regular gigs except I'm only playing one song and telling some stories and jokes. People can tip me through Venmo and PayPal. I don't know? It just feels like a way for me to keep things moving as much as possible through these times. Trying to keep some semblance of normalcy. Hopefully with the videos and banjo lessons I teach and video editing I can make enough money to weather this storm.      In the meantime I've decided to take up gardening as much as I possibly can. I have a little bit of room outside of my south facing window in my apartment. The area is kind of shady most of the day as my neighbor's stairs overhangs t

Week One of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic

      I knew something was serious when I received a message from Wells Fargo stating "if you have any trouble paying your bills during the corona virus, please get in touch with us and we will work something out". I have my auto loan through Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo may be one of the most vile corporations out there. I chose to get a loan through them because they gave me the best interest rate. If Wells Fargo is anticipating something catastrophic, then I figured they must know something that most of us don't.       Then, the next day, Thursday March 12th, I read an article that a friend of mine had posted on Facebook  "Young and Unaffraid of the Coronavirus pandemic? Good for you. Now Stop Killing People" LX9SCy75Oa9JAlG-g       This article is when I first heard the World Health Organization (WHO) calling it a "pandemic". Wells Fargo letting me know that we can negotiate and the WHO calling it a pandemic. These two thing